Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence

At Carrington, our engineers teach machines how to help people perform more & more effectively. So whether these are Natural Language based intelligent chat bots or digging into tons of unstructured dark corporate data or analysing mood & behaviour patterns of your customers, we cover it all.
Our partnership with IBM helps our customers realise the benefits of using the IBM Watson ecosystem of Cognitive solutions.
With our structured approach and capabilities in cognitive technologies, we help business take a leap into a cognitive journey. Some of the ideas we specialize in:

Knowledge Based cognitive systems

With large volumes of data piling up, we help you uncover insightful knowledge from all your unstructured data, using natural language. 80% of business data is unstructured. But it doesn't have to be that way. Structured data isn't formatted in easy-to-read tables and columns. Instead, it's the often disparate and siloed data that's contained in Word documents, PDFs, pictures, social media posts and blogs. All of this 'dark' data poses a major challenge for your business. Extracting big-picture insights—including ‘why your sales targets aren't being met’—is near impossible.
How do you do it? We help you gain access to insights from all the data you care about, so you can drive business performance and growth. Search and analyse structured, unstructured, internal, external and public content to uncover trends and patterns that improve decision-making, customer service and ROI. Leverage built-in machine learning, natural language processing and next-gen APIs to unlock hidden value in ALL your data. Gain a secure 360-degree view of customers, in context, to deliver superior experiences.
Ask for a free demo. Discover the power of machine learning first-hand. We'll come to you and lead a one-hour demonstration. Want to test before you buy, find out about our POC options.

Cognitive Assistants

Even grand mums have started using WhatsApp. So how do you think Gen Y & Gen X will interact with systems & people? The answer is - by chatting.
Industry experts have clearly predicted the trend for enhanced customer service:
  • Mobile chats
  • Understanding the customer’s intent
In fact you can trigger off any process or application with our Intelli-Chatbots
At Carrington, we create amazing cognitive, conversational self-service experiences that can provide answers and take action. We can create custom build bots to fit your specific business needs, provide custom content and match your business brand.
Your marketing team will go into overdrive by the insights that they get on your customer's engagement with the Intelli bots and will greatly help them with the understanding of your constantly changing customer's needs
Key Features:
  • Personalized configuration
  • Engagement metrics dashboard
  • User friendly tooling
  • Deep analytic capabilities
  • Up and running in no time
The applications of these Intelli-chatbots are endless; however they can be used in a B2C environment where your customers come in contact with your company or even in a B2E setting where your employees need to dig into corporate information.
Don’t do business 9 to 5. Allow your customers to be in touch with you 24 X 7. Ask us how & we’ll come demo it, to you. No obligations.

Machine Vision

Industry applications of visual recognition are growing at an amazing pace.Carrington has significant capabilities in creating solutions around visual recognition. We have built amazing cognitive systems with machines able to understand images and videos. Our solutions help customers in gaining insights from images that are integral part of their business process. We also specialise in automating the processes using machine vision and reduce human involvement.
Enough said, Ask us how & we’ll come demo it, to you. No obligations.

Cognitive Consulting

We help in building strategies and roadmaps for our clients to embark on a Cognitive journey. Our workshops range from a 2 hour free session to 4 day Design Thinking workshops and everything in between
Want to embark on your congnitive journey? Contact Us for a 2 hour free no-obligation workshop